About What I Love About Food

I am a food lover. More specifically I love to eat, and try new foods as I travel around the world. Recently as I am spending more time at home I have decided to learn more about the world of culinary delights. This blog is both about the adventures I have and the places I eat, as well as my journey to learn how to cook and about the world of gastronomy.

My motivation to create this came from a recent revelation that one of the most important things in my life I know almost nothing about. Food is something that is required to live, we (hopefully) eat something everyday and yet the knowledge most of us have is very little. I am starting a quest to learn more about the food I eat, and more importantly how to cook well, and maybe eat a little healthier along the way.

I have recently purchased a copy of "Modernist Cuisine". And intend to both read and experiment with as many of the recipes as I can. Any previous knowledge of food was just word of mouth and through a number of failed experiences.

As for my eating credentials, well that's another story. Even though I have not been formally educated on any thing related to food I know what I like and more importantly even if I don't enjoy the food I have learned to understand a little bit about what I am eating.

My top five restaurants:

Picasso - Las Vegas, USA
Lexington BBQ - Lexington North Carolina, USA
Flying Fish - Freeport, Bahamas
l'atelier - By Joel Robuchon (I have been to Las Vegas & London)
Daniel - New York, USA

Michelin Star Restaurants I have eaten at:

L'atelier - Las Vegas, USA
L'atelier - London, UK
Savoy Grill - London, UK
Robuchon - Las Vegas, USA
Circo - Las Vegas, USA
Sirio - Las Vegas, USA
Bar Masa - Las Vegas, USA
Micheal Mina Steak - Las Vegas, USA
Carnevino - Las Vegas, USA
Picasso - Las Vegas, USA
Alex - Las Vegas, USA (Now closed)
Le Cirque - Las Vegas, USA
Le Cirque - New York, USA
Mix - Las Vegas, USA
Daniel - New York, USA
Luce - San Fransisco, USA
Saison - San Fransisco, USA
Diner - London, UK
Jean Georges - New York, USA
Arbutus - London, UK
Ceil Blue - Amsterdam, NL
L'Osteria- Paris, FR
Le train Bleu - Paris, FR

I hope you enjoy the tiny bits of wisdom I intend to share.