Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saison, San Fransisco

I have chosen a recent dinner as the first to review on my blog. It stands above many I have had and deserves the honor of being first.

Saison, San Fransisco.
415 828 7990
2124 FOLSOM STREET (@17th)

I learned about this place using the Michelin guide, as well as some reviews on Trip Adviser. After reviewing their website, I decided to go with the chef's counter option. They offer one menu nightly in the restaurant with several seating's, or a 20+ course meal in the kitchen. They do not publish any menu options so it's really up to the adventurous diner to try this gem of San Fransisco. I also found the pre-payment a little odd, however it is a revolutionary and great way to enjoy an evening.

On to the good stuff. Dinner started at 19:00, and lasted until 22:00 so it was indeed an evening event.

Starting with a house made soda to gently awaken your taste buds, we were off to the races. On this particular night there was 23 courses served, most were in the 3-8 bite size and all were meticulously prepared and for my personal palate I loved the whole meal. I do not want to spoil the surprise of what comes up for anyone because this is part of the charm of dining like this, so I will give a very broad overview and say there were some vegetable dishes, a brilliant salad (picture), egg, many fish, rabbit (picture), lamb, sorbet dishes were all part of the evenings events.As a precautionary note, almost every course came with a glass (well portioned) of wine, and one came with a taste of beer to pair with dishes.
(Rhubarb Soda)

The highlights for me included, a delicious grilled pea and parmesan soup, tuna marrow, aged tuna hams(picture below), and the slow cooked lamb over coals. But overall I did not dislike any dish served.

The restaurant is situated down an ally on Folsom St., most taxi's don't believe the address exists so it can be a little tricky to get to. Once you have arrived they have a lovely outdoor lounge where I was greeted with a glass of sparkling California Chardonnay. The dining room is small, and the kitchen is a wonderful experience to watch your food prepared in many different fashions. 

A lot of reviews complain of the $498 price for dinner, for me I'm on the fence. It is very expensive, yet there is not many places in the world to find a 20+ course meal any night of the week. The food and wine were spectacular and the experience of sitting in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant is amazing. I would highly recommend this as a stop, however I know it is not for everyone.

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