Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Modernist Cuisine

I received my copy of Modernist Cuisine today (I think the UPS guy injured himself lugging the box up the driveway). I must say at first glace it is absolutely stunning, the size of the series is ambitious - at 40+lbs this is more than just a book. The photography is incredible, and the text attractive. I have started to read from section 1.1 history and it appears to be very readable for someone who knows nothing of food and cooking.

I decided to get my copy after visiting several kitchens and seeing the kitchen manual (volume 6) in several. I avoided the advice of a friend who said it may be a little bit much to comprehend and it would be difficult to create many of the recipes at home. I did this mostly because I want to learn about food, and after watching the trailer movies and reading some reviews, even if much of the food is unattainable for me to cook I can still have a better understanding of how and why it is made. As well my cooking skills can only go up from here.

I will cover this with a full review when I am finished reading.

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